Girls really DO just wanna have fun. I love being a woman. I also love sharing this journey of life with all of the women I come into contact with – the grandmothers, the mothers, the daughters … the wives, the aunts, the sisters … the mentors, the role models, the pioneers … the soldiers, the servants, the heroes … the co-workers, the colleagues, the friends. Women are like flowers in my life. I have no desire to judge them or change them, but rather, like flowers, to pick them, sniff them, feel their petals, behold their colors and appreciate how their lives add beauty to the world (SOMEone’s going to bust on me for using that analogy). Every woman is a precious masterpiece – created in the image and likeness of God. We don’t often feel like masterpieces, but we are … even while we’re in-the-making.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting hundreds of women, and the honor of being able to touch their lives and be touched by theirs. I have found that all the women that I’ve met – from the greeter at church to the student on the urban campus, from the Amish lady selling homemade pies to the fiercest feminist, from the mom in sweatpants to the government official – at the core of their being, are very much the same.

Deep in the heart of every woman, there’s a yearning for inner wholeness and outer paradise … a desire to be loved and alive with purpose. To me, every woman is Eve trying to retrace her steps to the Garden of Eden, where everything in life had beauty and balance. The question is – how does she get there? The answer I have found is – she must return to the Source of all Life – the Creator she walked with in the Garden – who called her forth into existence even before the foundations of the world were laid.  Yet interestingly, this returning does not involve walking backward, but rather moving forward. The answer rests in the living hope and the glorious future freely offered to every heart that would humbly embrace it.

Freedom is not behind in a Garden overrun with the worst weeds and deeds of human will. Freedom is ahead in a brand new place for a restored humanity … and the paths of peace which lead there do not begin in some heaven-in-the-sky yet to come… but here – now – today.

So what is Sisters Advance? … besides a noun and a verb that make a cute little sentence or a nifty name for a blog.  Sisters Advance is an Attitude ~ a Lifestyle ~ a Mindset.  It’s a Movement ~ a Mission ~ a Battle Cry.  It’s a Revolution – within AND without.  It is a defining Purpose for Every Woman ~ in Every Time ~ of Every Generation.  It is a Dance of Destiny ~ between Woman and Creator ~ to the Music of Love ~ on the Canvas of Life.  It is the Ultimate Experience of Transformation, Liberation, and Elevation … to Her Potential in Christ.

Sisters Advance is all about a love walk with God that is real, raw and relevant.  It’s also about a love walk with each other – one of faith, friendship, and fortitude. Let’s be honest – the terrain of life is often unpredictable and unforgiving… full of circumstances, words & actions that fall dreadfully short of our expectations & ideals. And yet Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things. God is Love – and in Him we not only overcome, but come to appreciate how He can weave all this madness into the tapestry of human existence… and make all things beautiful in their time.  Sharing in the bonds of Sisterhood make it all the more beautiful (and bearable!) … turning the journey into an adventure!

Want to enlist?  Great, stick around.  Conscientious objector?  Great, stick around … you just might change your mind.   🙂

p.s.  I’m very fond of using Capital Letters, run-on sentences, & superfluous punctuation for emphasis.  Bear with me – I’ll dial it down … maybe.  😉

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